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Because cannabis works directly with your own endocannabinoid system—a network of receptors specially designed to interact with the ingredients in cannabis— it can be amazingly effective for almost every aspect of our well-being.

How Cannabis Works

Cannabis is an amazing natural treatment people have used for centuries to achieve health and well-being. Your body is actually hardwired to work with cannabis through something called an endocannabinoid system—a network of receptors throughout the brain, skin, immune system, organs and bones. Cannabis works directly with this system, helping to naturally regulate and improve everything from mood, to the ability to focus, to stress and pain levels.

The Experts

Expert Kaplan
Joshua Kaplan
PhD, Neuroscience

“The scientific insight that has paralleled the legalization movement has allowed us to harness and expand the spectrum of cannabis’ benefits while minimizing adverse side effects. By understanding how the different chemicals in cannabis, called cannabinoids, affect the brain and body, scientists have identified combinations of cannabinoids that help relieve symptoms and improve health. And the future seems even brighter.”

Expert Snarski
Jaime Snarski

“As an Emergency Physician, I see the impact of the opioid epidemic on a daily basis. Medical marijuana is a promising new approach towards remarkably reducing opioid use in Florida and helping combat the opioid crisis. We need to educate physicians on limiting opioid prescribing and work towards getting the appropriate patients on medical marijuana. Together, we can change the tide of the opioid crisis in America.”

Expert Chapman
James Chapman
Horticulturist at Surterra Wellness

“As a grower, I have a direct impact on our products’ safety and quality. There is a whole world of science and thought that goes into organically growing any crop, including cannabis. The more safe and natural we grow it, the more safe and natural it is for patients. We have a premium product that is safer than many of the others because of how closely we monitor and control our grow.”

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